The Importance of a Commercial Truck Tire Program

Are you a commercial truck fleet owner burdened by the cost of tires and tire repair services eating into your profits? It may be time to invest in a commercial truck tire program.

What Is a Commercial Truck Tire Program?

Simply put, a commercial tire truck program is a program offered by a tire provider designed to help fleet owners with tire management. The scope of these programs varies.

As an example, Bauer Built Tire & Service offers several programs, including a Mounted Wheel Program (composed of inspections and grading for current wheels, inventory management, and the labor and support required for mounting, balancing, and returning mounted tires and wheels on a just-in-time basis) and Tire Maintenance Programs (composed of professional assistance for selecting the right tires, management and delivery of tire mounting/dismounting, new and retread tires, and mechanical repair services).

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Why Is It Important for Businesses?

If you’re managing an entire fleet of vehicles, it can be difficult to ensure that all their tires are in working order. Your business might suffer when faced with late deliveries or extended downtime from a tire-related accident. With a program in place, you’ll be able to catch these problems before they develop and ensure your fleet is in top condition.

How Does a Commercial Tire Program Work?

No two fleets are the same, and thus no two programs are either. The best commercial tire truck program is one that’s customized for you and your fleet. At Bauer Built, we create personalized service programs based on your needs — not anyone else’s. 

Benefits of a Commercial Tire Program

  • Increased Profits — with a good commercial tire truck program, you’ll be maximizing your cost-per-mile savings, leaving more room for profit.
  • Improved Safety — don’t risk your employees’ safety. Let the professionals handle installation and maintenance.
  • Enhanced Customer Service — with reliable tires, you can offer reliable service. You won’t have to worry about unexpected delays because of blowouts or other tire-related issues.
  • Enhanced Efficiency — Spend more of your manpower on other areas of your business and see growth across the board.
  • Reduced Costs — by subscribing to a program, you can streamline all of your tire-related needs in one place, reducing costs for new tires, repair, and regular maintenance.

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Key Factors Businesses Should Consider When Choosing a Commercial Truck Tire Program Provider

  • Service Area — the provider you choose should have a similar range as your services. If the provider is confined to a single local area yet you run a nationwide fleet, you’ll have trouble making the most of your investment if you suddenly need repairs or maintenance halfway across the country.
  • Tire Selection — the type and quality of your tires are integral to their performance on the road. When you work with an independent business like Bauer Built, you gain access to a wide range of top-quality commercial tire brands, including Michelin®, BF Goodrich®, Uniroyal®, and more.
  • Price — you need to choose a provider that offers competitive prices if you truly want to save on operating costs.
  • Customer Service — accidents can happen at any time. You want to ensure your provider has robust emergency services and customer support

A Program for Your Needs

Interested in developing a commercial truck tire program for your fleet? Contact us at Bauer Built Tire & Service today, or click to browse our commercial truck tires for sale.

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