Belts & Hose Inspection

A vehicle’s belts and hoses are the interconnected highways that transport fluids and power through the engine. Their upkeep is essential for effective operation. It’s a good habit to regularly inspect all your belts and hoses because their life spans are relatively short.

Heater Hose

Heater hoses are responsible for your vehicle’s heating system and work with the cooling system. These hoses carry coolant to the engine to prevent overheating before transferring coolant to the heater core. Heater hoses eventually become stiff or flimsy. Bauer Built’s service technicians can replace your heater belt so your vehicle can effectively heat itself and supply coolant.

Radiator Hose

The radiator hose is composed of upper and lower components that regulate the internal temperature of the engine. Radiator hoses remove hot coolant from the engine and take it to the radiator where it’s cooled again. The constant exposure to heat eventually breaks down radiator hoses and can cause leaks. If you notice tears or protrusions, bring your vehicle into Bauer Built, and we’ll take care of it.

Serpentine Belt

Among others, the serpentine belt powers your vehicle’s air conditioner, alternator, and power steering pump. This belt requires tension to operate effectively. Serpentine belts are incredibly durable and will last several years, so check your manufacturer’s manual to verify the lifespan. The front of your engine will completely fail without proper serpentine belt maintenance. Bringing your vehicle to a Bauer Built service center for repairs and replacements will prevent costly breakdowns.

Timing Belt

The timing belt works between the crankshaft and camshaft to open and close engine valves so the pistons can pump. The belt regulates the valves between intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust to circulate fuel and air to and from the cylinders. If the valves and pistons can’t operate, the engine will shut down, so don’t wait for a failure. Let us inspect your belts for wear and tear.

It’s especially important to get your belts and hoses checked throughout the year due to changing temperatures. Bring your vehicle into Bauer Built so you’ll be ready for the next season.