Commercial Fleet Tire Service


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Commercial tires and tire repairs are some of a commercial truck fleet’s highest operating expenses.

This is true for just about every commercial road vehicle fleet, regardless of fleet size, truck configuration or industries served.

Whether you operate heavy-duty semi trucks in Iowa farm country or last-mile delivery vans in downtown Minneapolis, tire maintenance and replacement will eat into your profits.

A comprehensive commercial tire service program from Bauer Built helps keep your fleet’s operational costs down by minimizing downtime and reducing the incidence of tire-related issues on the road.

You paid good money for your commercial tires. Don’t let that investment go to waste.

Tire maintenance protects more than your tires. With a fleet tire maintenance program, you’re protecting your vehicles, your drivers, and your company’s reputation.

Don’t risk blowouts, late shipments and costly downtime. Let Bauer Built Tire & Service help you stay on top of regular inspections and maintenance so you never miss a scheduled delivery.

Bauer Built’s commercial tire service teams specialize in customized fleet tire maintenance and inventory management. Every Bauer Built fleet tire service plan is tailor-made to fit that customer’s fleet.


Larger commercial fleets face even more significant expenses in supplying tires for their tractors and trailers. Bauer Built Tire & Service offers large fleets all of the services we provide for small fleets to manage your fleet tire inventory—just on a larger scale.

Many of our large fleets are on national account programs with our major suppliers, including Michelin and Continental. Fleets with MICHELIN brand tires may also opt into Michelin Tire Care and the Michelin Commercial Service Network for added layers of coverage nationwide. Customers may also participate in other national wholesale tire buying programs. We often work with other tire dealers to support your yards, regardless of where you are located.

We also help you establish standards for your tractors, trailers, retreads and new tires, what tread depth is acceptable, requirements for scrap tires, air pressure standards and so much more. Click here to request a quote.


Tire maintenance and mechanical services go hand-in-hand.

Proper vehicle alignment is essential to the longevity of your tire investment. Large, medium and small-sized fleets benefit from our commercial and semi-truck alignment services thereby eliminating wear on your tires from misaligned steering or suspension.

Other mechanical services are available at most locations such as DOT inspections, or repairs for CSA violations such as broken lights, missing taillights or brake problems. Learn more about Fleet Maintenance & Mechanical Services.


Bauer Built Tire & Service is one of America’s top independent tire dealers and retread manufacturers.

With Bauer Built, you get the economies of scale of big-name tire shops with the attentive service and reliability of a local tire center. 

Over the last 75+ years, we’ve developed strong relationships with the tire manufacturers we carry. We stock a wide selection of commercial truck tire brands and work with our tiremaker partners to offer the most competitive tire prices possible for our customers. Our relationships with major tire companies also gives our customers access to nationwide tire programs like Michelin Tire Care.

Being an independent business means that we’re not beholden to this or that manufacturer. Our priority is providing the best possible service for our customers. And to that end, we’re always listening to operators and fleet managers for how we could better serve them.

Independence also means we only carry tires we trust. Every tire model that we stock must meet our rigorous quality standards. If we don’t have faith in a product, we don’t sell it. Period.

For more than 75 years, Bauer Built has been a trusted partner for commercial fleets in the Midwest. We know the customers we serve and the communities we call home.

No two fleets are the same. That’s why Bauer Built works with fleet managers to create personalized service programs tailored to the demands, operating conditions and needs of their fleets. We don’t have maintenance plans for “any” fleet: we make the right program for YOUR FLEET.

For more about the services Bauer Built fleet tire plans can offer, please refer to our template tire maintenance plans for small fleets and large fleets.

Interested in a tire maintenance program for your commercial fleet? Talk to Bauer Built. It won’t cost you a dime, but it could save your fleet thousands annually. Contact us & get a fleet tire maintenance quote.



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