Agriculture Tires

Bauer Built is a leading provider of premium agricultural (ag) tires, offering tailored solutions to meet the unique demands of farming operations. With over 75 years of industry experience, Bauer Built’s selection of agriculture tires is engineered for unmatched performance, durability, and productivity.

The range includes specialized tires for various farming needs, such as row crop, tractor, harvester, and implement tires. Each tire is handpicked to ensure quality, with features like aggressive tread patterns for superior traction, puncture resistance for longevity, and optimal flotation to minimize soil disturbance.

Bauer Built’s partnership with trusted brands like Michelin, Firestone, Alliance, Camso, and Carlisle ensures the quality of products and services. In addition to tire sales, Bauer Built offers comprehensive services like mounting, balancing, alignment, and regular maintenance.

Emphasizing customer satisfaction and innovation, Bauer Built stands as a trusted partner for farmers nationwide, ready to enhance farming efficiency and productivity with top-quality ag tires.


At Bauer Built, we recognize that the heart of agriculture lies in the equipment that powers it, and nothing is more vital than the tires that keep everything moving. As your trusted partner for all of your agricultural tire solutions, we’re committed to understanding the unique demands of your farming operations.

With a rich heritage in the agricultural industry, we take immense pride in offering a curated selection of premium agricultural (ag) tires. Our range is not just about rubber and tread; it’s about engineering excellence that translates into unmatched performance, durability, and productivity for farmers nationwide.

Whether your fields call for a severe-duty, high-flotation radial that can glide over the most challenging terrains or a robust bias tire that can withstand the rigors of daily farm life, Bauer Built has the perfect ag tire tailored to your specific farming application.


Agriculture is the backbone of our society, and we recognize the hard work that goes into maintaining and nurturing crops, livestock, and agricultural machinery. At Bauer Built, we understand that your farming equipment is only as good as the tires it relies on. Every tire is vital in enhancing efficiency, reducing downtime, and maximizing overall yields.

Unparalleled Performance and Durability in AG Tires

At Bauer Built, we handpick every agricultural tire in our collection, ensuring they meet the rigorous demands of the farming landscape. We work with major brands that use premium materials to craft their products. We select quality AG tires engineered to handle the challenges of rough terrains, heavy loads, and adverse weather conditions.

High Traction and Longevity

Every AG tire in our selection features an aggressive tread pattern designed to provide superior traction and stability in all conditions. They offer exceptional grip and traction, ensuring smooth and stable operations even in wet, muddy, or uneven terrains. These features improve safety, reduce fuel consumption, and minimize soil compaction.

Longevity is another critical factor in agricultural tire selection. Bauer Built’s collection includes agriculture tires with excellent puncture resistance and long-term durability, even under extended use. This feature helps you save money from frequent tire replacements, allowing you to focus on cultivating your crops.

Tailored Solutions for Every Farming Need

At Bauer Built, we recognize that the requirements and challenges of each agricultural field are unique. We provide a comprehensive range of AG tires to cater to diverse needs:


When you choose Bauer Built, you are not just investing in top-quality agricultural tires — you are investing in a partnership that lasts. With over 75 years of industry experience, we have earned the trust and respect of farmers nationwide. Our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovation has set us apart as a leading agricultural solutions provider.

At Bauer Built, we work only with trusted brands to guarantee the quality of our products and services. Our partners include:

Whatever your farming needs are, Bauer Built has the perfect AG tire for your equipment.

At Bauer Built, we offer more than just tire sales. Our comprehensive services include tire mounting, balancing, alignment, and regular maintenance to ensure your tires perform at their peak potential throughout their life span.


Ready to enhance your farming efficiency and productivity? Embrace the Bauer Built difference and discover the power of premium agriculture tires. Take your farming operations to the next level and experience the quality, performance, and support only Bauer Built can deliver.

Choose a tire supplier who can get your farm and business ready to tackle any challenge. Contact your nearest Bauer Built location today.


The choice of agricultural or industrial tires depends on soil conditions, equipment weight, and specific applications. Wrong tires can damage fields, reduce fuel economy, and hinder productivity. Wet soil requires premium tread patterns with deeper lugs, while industrial applications may require shallower treads for efficiency.
Bias tires have zigzag patterned rubber with cords running diagonally, suitable for lightweight equipment and environments prone to sidewall punctures. Radial tires have parallel chords, offering excellent traction, increased fuel economy, and are better for heavy machinery.
Radial tires offer excellent traction and increased fuel economy by covering more ground. They carry heavier loads at lower inflations, and their larger tread evenly distributes weight, reducing soil compaction. This makes them suitable for heavy machinery.
Bauer Built carries agricultural and industrial tire brands such as Michelin, Firestone, Alliance Tire Group, Camso, and Carlisle. These brands cater to various needs for farm equipment, industrial vehicles, or off-the-road machinery.
Wet farming conditions, like rice paddies or sugar cane fields, require specific tire features. Extremely wet conditions need deeper lugs to direct water out of the treads and navigate flooding. The choice of tire must consider the water table and soil conditions to ensure proper traction and performance.