Tire Balancing

Do you notice any shaking whenever you increase your speed? Has your chassis begun vibrating after you’ve hit a bump or rogue rock? Any vibration as you drive is a sign that your wheels are not in perfect alignment. That’s where Bauer Built’s tire balancing service helps. 

We carry out our tire balancing services using the latest computerized technology. With pinpoint accuracy, we can determine problem areas that contribute to your wheel misalignments. 

By the end of our wheel balancing service, you’ll notice: 

Choose a tire balancing specialist that has been in the game for a long time. Schedule your wheel balancing service today. 

Why You Need Tire Balancing

Over time, you’ll notice a decline in your car, SUV, or truck’s stability. While we can think of many factors that cause this, it all comes down to the alignment of your chassis and tires. 

Computerized Balancing Services

Let Bauer Built set your tires right with our computerized wheel balancing technology. Once we mount your tires, we’ll spin it to pinpoint the imbalance and apply the weight where it’s needed.

With properly balanced tires, you’ll benefit from:

Improve Comfort and Safety at High Speeds

Oscillations in your chassis won’t always show up when you’re cruising on a busy road. The true test of instability is driving your vehicle at a higher speed — preferably on a highway. 

When you notice vibrations at higher speeds, it’s a sign that there’s uneven weight distribution between your wheels. To address unevenness, you’ll need a chassis inspection and wheel balancing. 

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Have you noticed that your fuel gauge points to “E” sooner than usual? If you do, there’s a chance that your engine overcompensates for the uneven weight distribution of your wheels. 

When your wheels are uneven, the engine must work double time to move your vehicle. As we all know, greater engine activity results in higher fuel use. Save yourself the money and headaches by scheduling a wheel balancing appointment immediately.

Put Off Getting New Tires

Over time, your tires will sustain wear and tear and develop “bald spots.” This is normal. However, bald spots must occur on both sides of your tires. If you notice less traction on just one side, that side may be heavier than the other. 

Wheel thinning on one side can escalate to a safety hazard after a while. Prolong your wheel’s life with state-of-the-art wheel balancing.  

Keep Your Suspension in Good Shape

With uneven wheels comes more vibrations. Over time, the vibrations can take a toll on your vehicle’s suspension. 

You can add years to your suspension and chassis by evening out the weight distribution of your tires. Do you need a company that does this? We’re here to help!

Schedule Your Wheel Balancing Service Immediately

With wheel balancing, not only will you notice less vibrations on the road; you’ll also experience greater fuel mileage and longer-lasting tires. Most importantly, you’ll keep yourself, your passengers, and other motorists safe. 

Choose a company that has been in the tire game for decades. Since 1944, we’ve provided motorists with our state-of-the-art tire services. 

Experience tire balancing with a difference. Schedule your wheel balancing appointment today, and drive with confidence once more. We also offer wheel alignment services.