Wheel Reconditioning

Safety is always a priority. At Bauer Built, safety is part of everything we do. Our professional Wheel Reconditioning services are no exception. We focus on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s safety enforcement program, Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA), to deliver key services that reduce vehicle violations and safety issues with your tractor and trailer tires. We start by conducting pre- and post-trip inspections, record vehicle defects, and repair them before operation.

It’s essential to know when it’s time to recondition your wheels. The proper maintenance of your wheels reduces the chance of failure from a rusty bolt or cracked wheel.


Professional Wheel Reconditioning and Wheel Refinishing save you money and could even save your neck. Here’s how:


If you detect any of these common signs, it may be time to recondition & refinish your commercial wheels:


  1. Customers bring wheels to their local tire centers. Our tire centers send the wheels to one of Bauer Built’s three wheel refinishing plants.
  2. We clean and prepare wheels for refinishing.
  3. Our team blasts the wheels with steel shot & abrasive grit. This removes built-up dirt, grease & old paint.
  4. We then inspect the wheels for potential safety issues.
  5. After the wheel passes inspection, we repaint the wheel. Our Lesta robotic painter applies the paint to a standard 3 mils thickness for a more consistent powder finish. 7 standard paint colors available.
  6. Primer applied (optional).
  7. Wheels are cured in an infrared catalyst oven for 15 minutes.
  8. Powder-coated finish transforms into a durable, permanent finish that looks like new.
  9. We inspect and prepare refinished wheels for customer return.
  10. We label every customer’s wheels. This guarantees that you will receive your own wheels.

Wheel Refinishing Process

Bauer Built is committed to helping fleets and owner/operators care for their wheels with our in-depth wheel refinishing process.


We’ve installed a new Lesta robotic powder application paint station at our Durand, WI, wheel refinishing plant. Once the unit has completed the self-learning mode, it delivers precise powder application over the entire painted area every time.

With Lesta robotic application, you receive:


Bauer Built currently offers 7 standard finish colors on all orders: white, black, gray, orange, yellow, red & blue.

Bauer Built is also able to accommodate custom color requests on orders of 100 wheels or more. For high-volume customers interested in custom-color wheel refinishing services, please contact Bauer Built’s Durand, WI offices.

The Bauer Built Wheel Reconditioning Guarantee

Our wheel refinishing and conditioning process will deliver:

We guarantee each customer receives their original wheels back and ready for whatever happens on the road.

Read more about the Bauer Built wheel reconditioning process.


Every customer receives the following wheel refinishing services:

Bauer Built wants you to get the most from your tires and strives to increase their longevity. Contact us online or call one of our locations for a price quote today.


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