Oil Change & Lubes

Oil changes are one of the simplest maintenance tasks, but one of the most important to the life of your engine. You’ll improve the longevity of your vehicle by maintaining a regular oil and lubrication service schedule.

Why It’s Important

Oil reduces the friction between all the moving parts of your vehicle and filters any particles that come from the engine’s combustion process. Your engine also gets hot during operation, and oil works as a cooling agent to reduce long-term wear. Old motor oil isn’t effective and can cause friction that will create damage over time.

Our Services

Come into Bauer Built for quick and easy service or schedule routine maintenance to stay on top of your vehicle’s upkeep. During your service appointment, we’ll replace and replenish all old oil and lubricants, including:

We will also exchange air, oil, cabin, and fuel filters if needed.

When you schedule maintenance and repair services with Bauer Built, you benefit from 75+ years of customer service experience.