Preventative Maintenance

As with any investment, you must take proper care of it in order for it to have a long life. Your car, truck or SUV is no exception. When you bring your vehicle into Bauer Built Tire & Service, we can be part of that long-term care strategy. We’ll keep records of what maintenance and repairs are completed on your vehicle from tires, batteries, exhaust, brakes, engine oil requirements, alignments, wheel repairs and more. We can also submit this information to Carfax so you have an independent source of your vehicle’s repair history.

When you come to rely on one shop for your vehicle’s preventative maintenance, we get to know the ins and outs of your vehicle. We know cars, trucks and SUV’s and different issues with specific years, makes and models idiosyncrasies. More importantly, keeping your vehicle in top performance will keep you happy for many years.