Michelin Commercial Service Network

Michelin has built a reputation for excellence and expertise in the commercial tire industry. Their commitment to quality services and products highlights their commitment to innovation. That’s why Bauer Built is proud to be a member of the Michelin Commercial Service Network (MCSN).

What is the Michelin Commercial Service Network?

The MCSN is a group of commercial service providers dedicated to keeping drivers on the road. Michelin established a new standard for consistent, high-quality nationwide service to ensure drivers the best possible service. Each network member is independently audited and must adhere to rigorous service standards.

Why Choose the MCSN

The MCSN offers consistent pricing if you require third-party entities to complete your tire and mechanical maintenance. That allows you to manage expenses and control your bottom line, especially if you have an emergency roadside repair.

As a franchise member, Bauer Built can provide:

Our MSCN Services

Preventative Maintenance

Our services include comprehensive preventative maintenance for commercial customers. We identify and mitigate maintenance issues before they become serious problems that could affect your efficiency, safety and budget. We utilize electronic monitoring systems to address operational obstacles such as low/high tire pressure, low tire tread, mismatched tires and irregular tire wear.

Emergency Service

Michelin’s Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) system connects your fleet to mechanical, towing and tire services across North America. We have more than 30 locations across the Midwest to provide you with timely emergency assistance, access to live event monitoring and tire service.

Detailed Reporting

Maintaining up-to-date reports is a pillar of the MCSN, and we’re committed to providing you with a complete set of data. You’ll have direct access to reports, analyses and other repair documentation. That gives you proof that all issues have been addressed according to your standards.

Fleet Service Profiles

We rely on your input and specifications to create a detailed asset management program. That information is available to other service network members with your approval to ensure you receive consistent maintenance anywhere in North America. Profile information may include new tire and retread recommendations, alignment specifications, scrap handling instructions, PSI standards and invoice requirements.

Bauer Built MCSN Locations


Because Bauer Built is a part of this elite network, we’re required to deliver a specific level of commercial truck and semi-truck repairs that meet Michelin’s unique standards. If you’re driving a route through the Midwest, you can count on us to provide fast and comprehensive service.