Commercial Services

Your One-Stop Shop For Commercial Truck Service

With more than 70 years of experience, Bauer Built knows commercial vehicles inside and out.

Bauer Built provides a comprehensive Commercial Services program designed to meet the demands of the modern commercial trucking industry. Whether you’re an independent owner-operator or a large fleet manager, you can count on Bauer Built for industry-leading quality at competitive prices.

We perform maintenance and repairs on all kinds of heavy-duty and medium-duty vehicles, including semi trucks & tractor-trailers, box trucks, tankers, buses, utility vehicles and more.

Our Services


24/7 Emergency Roadside Tire Service
Get help anytime, fast. 24-hour commercial & ag/farm tire repair. If you’re within 25 miles of a Bauer Built service center, you’ll usually be up & running in 90 minutes or less.

Mounted Wheel Program
Maximize cost-per-mile savings with the latest knowledge technology. cut labor costs, manage inventory, reduce safety hazards & consistently track tire performance.

Wheel Reconditioning
Extend the life of your wheels & rims. Improve air retention and fuel economy, minimize tire bead damage.


Mechanical Services
We cover 6 critical areas of your fleet operations:


Fleet Maintenance: Mechanical and Tire Services
Fleet readiness made faster, easier & safer. We’ll turn downtime into uptime. Regular mechanical service & tire maintenance can slash fleet expenses & increase profit margins.

Value-Added Services
Bauer Built’s complete diagnostic of your operation through tire performance reports & analyses.

Michelin Tire Care
Fleet maintenance monitoring program provided through the Michelin Commercial Service Network. Maximum fuel efficiency, customer satisfaction & fleet safety, guaranteed.

What Vehicles are Eligible For Commercial Service?

Bauer Built Commercial Service Centers are equipped to work on heavy-duty commercial trucks, medium-duty trucks and road tractors of every configuration. Our expert mechanics and technicians can repair vehicles of all major makes & models. We regularly perform maintenance and repairs on the following commercial vehicles:

Bauer Built recently expanded commercial service options for last-mile fleet and retail fleet customers. We now offer our full suite of commercial fleet services for last-mile and urban fleets. If you operate a fleet of light- to medium-duty delivery vans, Bauer Built has you covered with comprehensive commercial service. Learn more about Bauer Built Fleet Services.

Bauer Built AG, Industrial & OTR Tire Services

While many of our services are specifically tailored to commercial trucking, Bauer Built serves customers in many different industries.

While heavy-duty trucks in freight service make up the largest share of our commercial service customers, Bauer Built Tire & Service has deep roots in the farming communities around Durand, Wisconsin. We’re here to help farmers meet the demands of commercial agriculture today.

We’ve been listening to farmers and building relationships with farms large and small since 1944. In the regions we serve, we work to provide the highest-quality, most cost-effective maintenance and tire services for a wide range of agricultural machinery and equipment, including tractors, combine harvesters, Center Pivot & Linear Irrigation Systems, off-road work vehicles and more. Learn more about Commercial Services for Agricultural & Industrial Vehicles.

For light-duty truck & personal SUV service, visit Bauer Built Automotive.

Which Commercial Services are Available In My Area?

Every Bauer Built Commercial Service Center provides the following critical services:

*Customers may place commercial wheel reconditioning orders and drop off wheels for reconditioning at any Bauer Built Tire & Service location. Wheels are reconditioned & refinished off-site at our 3 reconditioning plants,  then returned to the Bauer Built location of your choice. Learn more about Bauer Built Commercial Wheel Reconditioning.

Beyond the essentials, commercial service offerings vary from one Bauer Built location to another.

Every Bauer Built service center reflects the needs of local customers and the economy of the area it serves. For a complete list of commercial services offered by location, view Bauer Built Tire & Service Locations.

Tire & Wheel Services

Buying your tire is just the beginning.

Know that you’re getting the most value from your tires & wheels with the latest advances in tire performance monitoring technology and analysis. Get the most for your money and keep your investments protected with Bauer Built.

Every Bauer Built Commercial Service Center offers a comprehensive suite of Commercial Tire & Wheel Services.

Emergency Roadside Tire Service
Available 24-hours a day for commercial or agricultural/farm tires, you can rely on our speed and accuracy to get you back up and running in no time. If you’re within 25 miles of our locations, you’ll typically be back up and running in less than 90 minutes.

Mounted Wheel Program
Bauer Built’s mounted wheel program can maximize your cost-per-mile savings with the latest knowledge and technology. Our program will help reduce labor costs, manage inventory, reduce employee safety hazards, and consistently track tire performance and costs.

Wheel Reconditioning
Extend the life of your wheels and rims with our commercial wheel reconditioning program to improve air retention and minimize bead damage.

Michelin Tire Care
We provide this fleet maintenance monitoring program to guarantee maximum fuel efficiency, customer satisfaction, and improved fleet safety.

You can count on Bauer Built Commercial Tire Service to provide durability, speed, and longevity to keep your commercial fleet rolling.

We also provide our customers with all-inclusive commercial services to ensure your investments are protected.

Truck Maintenance & Mechanical Services

Truck repair when you need it, preventative maintenance so you need it less.

Bauer Built has you covered from bumper to bumper when it comes to commercial truck services. We run the gambit for mechanical services, preventative maintenance, and emergency roadside tire service. Wherever, whenever. Know that you can count on Bauer Built.

Fleet Maintenance

Our extensive fleet maintenance programs offer Bauer Built’s thorough mechanical services at commercial scale. Truck repairs, maintenance and inspections are always performed efficiently by our knowledgeable technicians. You can rest assured that your fleet will leave Bauer Built repaired, revitalized and ready to work.

Our Commercial Tire Brands

Looking for quality commercial tires and comprehensive service? Look no further.

Bauer Built Tire & Service has built a reputation as one of the premier providers for commercial tires across the Midwestern United States. When you come to us, you know you’re working with the best.

Commercial Truck Tire Brands We Carry:

Why Bauer Built Commercial Services?

Our strength is our people and the customers we serve.

After more than 75 years of supplying commercial truck tires, fuel oil and related services, we’re more than prepared to provide you commercial solutions on the road or at our service centers across the Midwest. Schedule regular maintenance services with us so you can avoid costly downtime. You’ll be able to get in, get out, and get back to work with reduced expenses and increased profit margins.