Commercial Fleet and Tire Services

Bauer Built knows commercial vehicles inside and out.

We offer comprehensive commercial service programs to meet the demands of the modern commercial trucking industry. Whether you’re an independent owner-operator or a large fleet manager, you can count on us for industry-leading services at competitive prices.

Our Commercial Fleet Services


Keep your drivers safe and avoid costly fines with our inspection services. We conduct inspections for the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We also perform Safety, Compliance and Accountability inspections.


Suspension is crucial for smooth driving. Whether you’ve got worn bushings or air suspension leaks, we can get your suspension up in working order. Our expert technicians can repair or replace tie-end rods, shocks, leaf springs, U-bolts, pivot bushings and air ride systems.


A commercial vehicle with proper alignment can provide better performance, improved safety and compliance with FMCSA regulations. Our services are suitable for 2- and 3-axle alignments, trailer alignments and compliance checks for the FHWA and FMCSA.

Brake Service

Prevent brake issues from plaguing your commercial vehicles with repairs and replacements at Bauer Built. If your brakes are squealing, grinding or pulling to one side, then it’s time to schedule service. We fix brake shoes, pads, slack adjusters, chambers, bushings and air brake systems.

Wheel-End Repair

Proper wheel-end maintenance can extend the life of your commercial tires and prevent excess wear on brake components. That’s important if your vehicles carry heavy loads over long distances. Our wheel-end repairs include torque checks, alignment and inspections. We also replace hubs, seals, bearings, spindles and bolts.

General Fleet Repairs

Our expert technicians will assess your commercial fleet to identify and address potential mechanical issues. Our general semi truck repair work includes mud flap installation, battery replacement, windshield wiper installation, electrical service and mechanical system maintenance.

Fleet Maintenance

Reduce downtime with our commercial fleet maintenance. Scheduling regular mechanical service and tire maintenance can go a long way toward managing fleet expenses and increasing your profit margins. We’re well-versed in commercial maintenance best practices and offer services to fleets of all sizes.

Value-Added Services

We implement fleet management best practices with our diagnostic services. We’ll review your entire operation to get a complete picture of the status of your vehicles. Our value-added services include fleet performance analysis, scrap tire analysis and other assessments to find ways to optimize vehicle performance.

Michelin Tire Care

Our fleet maintenance program is certified through the Michelin Commercial Service Network. Being a part of that network requires us to meet strict tire service standards to enhance fuel efficiency, fleet safety and customer satisfaction. The Michelin Tire Care evaluation process helps minimize downtime and control operational costs.

Our Commercial Tire Services

Emergency Roadside Tire Service

It’s reassuring to know you have a reliable service partner should the unexpected occur. Our expert technicians can provide emergency tire service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you’re within 30 miles of one of our locations, we can get you up and running within two hours.

Mounted Wheel Program

Bauer Built’s mounted wheel program maximizes cost-per-mile savings. We use the latest technology to evaluate and grade your commercial tires to find opportunities for better tire management. The program can reduce labor costs and help regulate your inventory with consistent performance tracking and asset management.

Wheel Reconditioning

Extend the life of your wheels and rims with our commercial wheel reconditioning program. Our 10-step wheel reconditioning process is designed to improve the service life of your wheels by eliminating damage and refinishing surfaces. That’s important for regulatory compliance and vehicle appearance.

Ag Tire Service

The Midwest is home to a variety of agricultural operations. We offer ag tire services to ensure farmers and agriculturalists have the equipment they need to feed America. Our ag tire selection includes tires for tractors, harvesters and row crop cultivators. Ag tire services include mounting and dismounting, balancing and alignment.

Industrial Tire Service

Our customers work in a variety of industries, and we strive to provide quality tires and services to address their unique needs. It’s important to consider tread pattern, speed rating, load capacity and job-specific requirements when selecting industrial tires. Our technicians can select the right solid, pneumatic or foam-filled tires to suit your application.

OTR Tire Service

Durability is essential in off-the-road tires, especially in rugged applications. We have OTR tires for a variety of heavy-duty machinery, including loaders, haul trucks, bulldozers and tractors. Our products offer unmatched performance and provide reliable operation in the most challenging off-road environments.

What You Can Expect from Bauer Built

You can expect friendly staff with a wealth of knowledge when you come to a Bauer Built location for tire or mechanical service. We offer individual maintenance and repairs as well as comprehensive service programs to maintain your commercial vehicle from bumper to bumper.

We guarantee:

Commercial Fleet and Tire Service Locations

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Semi trucks, tractor trailers and road trains
  • Flatbed trucks, box trucks and tanker trucks
  • Bulk carriers and rigid dump trucks
  • Full-size buses, shuttles and large passenger vehicles
  • Utility vehicles
  • Tractors, combine harvesters and other farm vehicles
  • Last-mile and retail fleets
From semis to harvesters, we see all kinds of commercial vehicles – and tires – come through our shops. Each Bauer Built location offers a suite of commercial tire and wheel services. Our technicians are experienced in diagnosing and addressing issues for fleets of all sizes.
All vehicles are raised to specific jacking points on jack stands for technician and customer safety. Our certified techs change tires using TIA procedures and prep and install wheels using the RIST procedure. That process includes: R: Remove debris from the mating surface. I: Inspect components for damage or excessive wear. S: Snug fasteners in a star pattern. T: Torque to specifications.
We offer manufacturers’ warranties.