Two Important 2022 Fleet Maintenance Trends to Consider

Fleet maintenance is crucial to keeping more trucks on the road in 2022 as the nation’s total fleet miles driven have increased in response to a recovering economy. Routine inspections allow for drivers to ensure that their trucks are built to last on long-haul journeys, which helps fleets keep up with this increase in demand.

The projected increase in truck use this year comes with a price jump in truck maintenance costs. This increase in use across all sectors puts more emphasis on preventative maintenance.

Bauer Built has recognized two important fleet maintenance trends that fleet owners and drivers should keep in mind as 2022 progresses.

1. Increased Expenses on Truck Parts Affects Fleet Maintenance

With an increase in the technical sophistication of newer vehicles comes an increase in the cost of services and spare parts. Fleet repair services that provide updated technician requirements and a wide array of technical specialties can help make sure that these new technological innovations can be handled with the appropriate skill set. To ensure that every truck is built and maintained effectively, replacing these parts becomes costly for older rigs.

Replacement tire expenses are trending higher this year as well. The price of tires has been on an upward trend for the last three years. The price of commodities such as steel, rubber, and crude oil are all increasing – and all are used in tire manufacturing. 

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2. Greater Emphasis Placed on Preventative Fleet Maintenance

Effective preventative fleet maintenance will ensure trucks stay on the road as long as they can in 2022. Preventative maintenance services are necessary for keeping frequently used fleets able to travel long distances, while also ensuring that newer, more technologically advanced fleets are kept working in prime condition.

With the projected increase in expenses related to tire replacement, as well as overall vehicle complexity, general preventative fleet maintenance ensures that issues with overuse and stress on trucks can be avoided. Now more than ever, keep in mind that tires may need to be rotated more often than the oil is changed.

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Keep Your Fleet Moving

A high-quality repair service will ensure that all crucial mechanical functions are fine-tuned for peak performance amidst the changing trends in truck maintenance. Bauer Built offers quality prices, repair work, and routine maintenance to ensure that your fleets stay on the road. Not sure if your commercial fleet qualifies? Complicated fleet situations? Specialized fleet needs? Other questions? Contact us and we’ll help to sort it out.

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