These Brake Issues Are Most Likely to Keep Your Fleet Off the Road

Summer is one of the busiest times for commercial truck fleets nationwide. It’s the most profitable season yet it can also be the most problematic. This is due to certain concerns all fleets experience. For example, brake issues can keep your fleet off the road and prevent you from taking advantage of all the opportunities available.

The weather often puts many vehicle parts under added stress. The heat can wear down the brakes fast. During this time, inspections will become vital to your success, and you need to pass them to avoid downtime. Data shows us that brake noncompliance is the leading cause of inspection failure.

Keep reading for brake issues that may contribute to fleet downtime:


Summer brings a lot more friction to brakes, causing them to overheat. With excessive temperatures, the brake is susceptible to breaking down. Other factors that may contribute to it include poor installation and overly worn pads. The heat can warp the brakes and increase the risk of accidents.

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Suspension Issues

Because your fleet moves more during the summer, you’ll need to ensure everything is in its best condition. The roads can whittle down on a vehicle’s suspension system, causing rides to feel bumpier than usual. Poor suspension is easily noticeable, as the car may not be level while stationary on the ground. Drivers may also feel that they are drifting in one direction while driving.

Brake Imbalances

Brakes should apply the same amount of force when used. It allows for a smooth stop and easy braking. Unevenness can happen when one pad experiences more wear than the other. It can occur because of heat or overuse. You’ll notice how your vehicle pulls to one side more often when you brake.

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Poor Lubrication

Poor lubrication will cause the brake to feel spongy and unresponsive. The fluid provides power from the pedal to the brake, causing it to react fast. It can happen because of contaminants that get into the fluid throughout use. It can also be an adjustment issue, and a refill or replacement may be necessary.

Hose Issues

The brake hose is responsible for releasing the brake after use. Because of the heat, it can end up with damage that makes it difficult to use. It can either make the pedal feel soft or hard. At this point, you may need to have it repaired or replaced.


Bauer Built: Your Leading Maintenance Solution

The best way to prevent fleet breakdowns is preventative fleet maintenance. From brake issues, regular oil changes and tire rotations to full vehicle inspections, ensuring that your truck is in proper working order is the best defense against vehicle breakdowns. Maintaining proper guidelines for different functioning parts of your vehicle ensures that you won’t risk any unnecessary roadblocks. For top-tier maintenance service and expert repairs, trust Bauer Built with your truck maintenance.

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