How to Stay Healthy as a Truck Driver

The life of a truck driver is not easy. A truck driver in the United States drives an average of 125,000 miles and spends 240 nights away from their family yearly. This job can take its toll on your body and mind. To remain fit and avoid getting involved in road accidents, you must take proper care of yourself.

Read on to learn how to stay healthy as a trucker driver.

#1 Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Similar to how your truck needs fuel to run, you also need to eat nutritious food to remain productive and active. Minimize junk food consumption as these are proven to cause cardiovascular ailments, which is never good if you’re driving. Instead, eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables to give your body the nutrients it needs.

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#2 Stay Hydrated

It can get hot on the road, which increases the chance of dehydration. Once dehydrated, your body loses strength and stamina. This makes you prone to vehicular accidents. To remain sharp on the road, keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. An average person needs to drink two liters a day, so make sure you don’t go below that volume.

#3 Get Regular Exercise

Driving for long hours means that you’re usually in a static and sitting position. This is not ideal since your body needs exercise to remain fit. Take the time to do some stretching, push-ups, or running every day. You can even use small workout equipment like dumbbells or jump ropes. Include exercise in your daily regimen so that your body doesn’t stagnate.

#4 Ensure Adequate Sleep

Sleep-deprived drivers get involved in thousands of driving accidents annually. Don’t contribute to this grim statistic by getting adequate sleep every day. As much as possible, sleep for six to seven hours. If your busy schedule does not permit it, at least get a couple of power naps along the way.

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#5 Use Sunscreen

As a truck driver, you’re no stranger to the sun’s heat rays. Aside from sunburn, overexposure to these rays can cause other health problems like premature aging and skin cancer. Give yourself proper protection against ultraviolet rays by using sunscreen. Sunscreen either absorbs or reflects harmful UV rays and can help decrease skin cancer risk by up to 50%.

#6 Take Vitamins

Truck drivers get exposed to the elements while on the road, and they interact with different people. Hence, they have a higher chance of contracting sickness, especially if they have weak immune systems. To keep your body strong against pathogens, take your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

#7 Find Time to Relax

Even truck drivers need a work-life balance. Overworking can cause fatigue, burnout, and even emotional issues like anxiety and depression. Hence, take the time to unwind every now and then. Watch a movie, start a project, or take a vacation. Rejuvenate your mind and body.

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