Semi-truck Alignment

If you’re a semi-truck driver or fleet owner, you know the importance of keeping your trucks in their best condition. Proper wheel alignment is key to productivity, safety, and preventing expensive repairs in the future. Bauer Built Tire and Service provides semi-truck alignment services to meet your needs.

Our team of professionals is equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to align your semi-truck wheels precisely and efficiently. The advantages of our alignment services include:

Bauer Built has multiple locations across the United States that offer semi-truck alignment services to meet your needs. Visit our Locations page to ensure your Bauer Built store offers semi-truck alignment services.

Bauer Built Semi-truck Alignment Services

Bauer Built offers top-notch alignment services made specifically for commercial semi-trucks to ensure the finest possible condition of your wheels and the semi-truck itself. We provide thorough alignment services that guarantee the suspension of your semi-truck is adjusted precisely. Our services involve changing the angle of the tires to the manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring they are ideally positioned for smooth contact with the road.

Our commercial and semi-truck alignment services are available for large, medium, and small fleets and help prevent tire wear from misaligned steering or suspension — resulting in a long-lasting tire and enhanced business operations.

Advantages of Bauer Built Truck Alignment Services

Bauer Built Tire and Service has a proud history of prioritizing the needs of our clients by offering affordable solutions, such as our alignment services, that guarantee your semi-trucks’ wheels and tires are in the best possible shape for operating and commercial use.

Here are some tried-and-true advantages you can get from Bauer Built semi-truck alignment services:


Choose Bauer Built for Your Alignment Needs

Bauer Built Tire and Service is one of America’s leading independent tire dealers and retread producers that also provides top-notch semi-truck alignment services. Our team of professionals is completely equipped with the necessary equipment, knowledge, and experience with various types of semi-trucks, offering our customers the finest caliber services.

Contact us today and learn more about how we can help with your alignment and commercial tire needs.