Commercial & Semi-Truck Tires For Sale

For more than 75 years, we’ve worked to understand our customers’ needs better than any other commercial tire dealer in the United States. Bauer Built sells unparalleled, quality commercial tire brands from the most respected manufacturers in the industry.

Our selection of commercial truck tires includes tractor-trailer tires, heavy truck tires, single and duals, bus and RV and much more.

You need to buy commercial truck tires you can count on to get the job done. Our commercial tires sales set product standards for the market, and we take pride in our unmatched commitment to customer service.

Bauer Built Tire and Service centers offer the following commercial truck tire brands:

Michelin® Tires

Michelin Americas Truck Tires are included in our commercial tire sales because it’s a company dedicated to delivering improved savings and operational efficiencies to fleets and owner-operators. Their commercial lineup includes van tires, pickup tires, and semi-truck tires.

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BF Goodrich® Tires

BFGoodrich® is more than a name. It’s a symbol of the passion, hard work and dedication it takes to be a performance pioneer, especially when it comes to commercial tire sales. Something they’ve been since their inception in 1870 and continue to be through millions of miles and years of victories. BF Goodrich commercial truck tires are designed to maximize uptime and improved performance efficiency.

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Uniroyal® Tires

Uniroyal® Commercial Truck Tires are built with small fleets and owner-operators in mind and feature the dependability and affordability you need from a quality semi-truck tire. You can buy Uniroyal commercial tires at Bauer Built, where we offer long-haul, regional and on/off road tires.

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Michelin Retread Technology

Retreading your tires is good for the environment and your business. While you can shop for commercial tires at Bauer Built, you can also get even more from your current tires when you embrace the Michelin Retread Technologies retread process. Commercial tire retreads can save you money, extend the life of your casings and optimize your efficiency.

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Continental Tire®

Continental is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial truck tires. Their plants throughout the world produce commercial tires for various applications, characterized by different vehicles, road conditions, customer requirements, and driver behavior. You can shop for commercial tires at Bauer Built and find several styles of Continental tires.

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General Tire®

For the past 100+ years, General Tire has brought you tires that go faster, grip harder, last longer. And they’re just getting started. Buy commercial tires that boast superior technology to improve your job performance and provide safety to your commercial drivers. Bauer Built has General Tire semi-truck tires for sale that feature grip edges, sidewall protection, visual alignment indicators and angled grooves.

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Cooper Tires

You can buy Cooper commercial tires at all Bauer Built Tire & Service locations. As a leading global competitor in the tire industry, Cooper Tires & Rubber Company has manufacturing facilities on three continents, sales and distribution networks worldwide, and products that meet and exceed the demands of the world’s most dynamic markets. Their commercial tire sales include the PRO Series™, a long-haul line with innovative rubber compounds to balance rolling resistance and long mileage.

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Kumho Tire®

Shopping for commercial tires means narrowing your search for tires that will provide steering stability, maximum mileage and even wear. And that’s just what you’ll get from Kumho Tire, a high-performance tire company that brings quality and innovative technology to consumers worldwide. You can buy commercial tires from Kumho Tire at Bauer Built, including tires for long-haul, regional and on/off road applications.

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Galaxy Tires

Galaxy brand was born in America but is sold the world over. Galaxy offers purpose-built high-performance tires that provide superior performance, long life and exceptional value. Shop for commercial tires based on your application and vehicle type. Galaxy Tires manufacturers commercial tires for bulk, straight, waste, dump and delivery trucks. You can also purchase tires for day and sleeper cabs and several types of commercial trailers.

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Why Buy Commercial Tires From Bauer Built

We want to be the dealer you think of when you’re shopping for commercial tires. As a commercial tire dealer, Bauer Built is committed to providing you with durable, long-lasting commercial tires to improve your vehicle’s efficiency and improve your overall job performance.

Our commercial tire sales include:

We want to provide you with convenient access to top-rated commercial tire products and services, which is why we have more than 30 service locations across the Midwest. Request commercial service online today.