Trucking Fleet Mainstays: Bauer Built and Interstate 80

Bauer Built has 36 locations throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wisconsin. And with everything from world-class tire retail and service to fleet-management, truck and big rig, Bauer Built is one of the most versatile full-service companies in the industry. Whether you are a consumer or a trucker, with agricultural, 18-wheeler or light truck tire needs, Bauer Built is your one-stop-shop.

Bauer Built’s presence in the Midwest is also amplified by its membership in the MICHELIN® Commercial Services Network, extending the service reach and availability to 24/7 roadside service on demand. By relying on Bauer Built for your service needs, you not only get a competent service organization, but you get a form of insurance as you hit the road.

Of Bauer Built’s vast domain, few stretches are better covered than the locations along Interstate 80, from Nebraska through Iowa to eastern Illinois, near Indiana. Along I-80, Bauer Built is located in Lexington and Grand Island, Nebraska, as well as Lincoln and Omaha, Des Moines and Davenport, Iowa and Romeoville, Bedford Park and South Holland, Illinois around Chicago.

The I-80 presence is important for Bauer Built customers. Since 1956, I-80 has been a trucking and road trip mainstay, extending from downtown San Francisco, California to Teaneck, New Jersey. In fact, it’s the second longest highway in America, after I-90. And the route itself is legendary. First, I-80 follows parts of the Oregon Trail, which was first created by fur traders heading west from Independence, Missouri in 1811. But it also constituted the Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental road through the United States.

By serving the central portion of this important highway, Bauer Built is delivering a critical service for motorists, truckers, traveling for commerce or leisure. As MICHELIN® said years ago, ‘Because so much is riding on your tires’ – and I-80 travel seems to take on an elevated importance for America travelers.

On a retail level, Bauer Built serves consumers with tires, oil changes, wheel alignments along with all the accompanying parts and components such as wiper blades.

At the professional level, Bauer Built delivers fleet maintenance alongside MICHELIN® Commercial Services Network.

As spring soon turns to summer, it will be road trip season in America. And with the winter freeze of the areas surrounding northern locations thankfully thawed, transportation in general will enjoy efficient, safe travel. But that’s not without concern. With heat comes the potential for tire inflation issues, requiring watchful maintenance and best practices.

And with the summer sun comes agriculture – itself an expertise of Bauer Built. Having the inventory, selection and know-how to deliver tractor tires, for example, is an example of Bauer Built’s versatility, signifying it’s one-stop-shop nature. From the cornfields of Nebraska and Iowa, to the wheat fields of Illinois, Bauer Built serves customers both on and off road.

In many ways, Interstate 80 is the perfect complement to Bauer Built – or perhaps it’s the other way around. As the Lincoln Highway, traversing the Land of Lincoln, it’s a markedly American stretch. And it lacks the international travel of some interstate highways, such as I-35. But like any good road, it’s important less for what it is and more for what it enables. And the same goes for Bauer Built. Automotive service is but a means to an end –a critical component of safe and successful travel and transport, just as auto races are won on the track and in the pit.

So this summer, as you prepare to hit the road, let us come a long for the ride. Whether you need us, or don’t, we’re just a few exits down the road.

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