The Benefits of Skid Steer Tires

Shopping for a new set of tires is like finding the perfect pair of work boots. As with boots, you need to consider fit, purpose, condition and environment. When you’re searching for tires, it’s crucial to match your machine to the job duties, site conditions, and the geological area. Here at Bauer Built Tires, we use MICHELIN® technology that takes all of these factors into consideration.

Through August, Bauer Built is offering huge promotions on the Michelin Bibsteel All-Terrain and Hard Surface, Power Compact Line and the X-Tweel All-Terrain tires. In addition to our fantastic promotions on several lines of tires, we are also having a Grizzly Cooler giveaway with the purchase of four skid steer tires.

Skid steer tires are essential in construction, farming and trucking. According to Tim Fulton, head of MICHELIN® Tweel Technologies, “MICHELIN® captured the fascination of the world with the concept of the Tweel; now landscapers, contractors and other skid steer loader operations will have the opportunity to use this innovative technology in their everyday businesses and experience the advantages first hand.”

There are many benefits to choosing one of the Michelin lines of skid steer tires offered by Bauer Built. One reason to feel confident with your selection is that there is no maintenance. MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® SSL is one single unit. This replaces the current tire/wheel/valve assembly, so there is no need for complicated wheel or tire mounting equipment. In addition, there is no air pressure to maintain once the tires are bolted on your vehicle. The stability of MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® SSL tires offer increased productivity by allowing a skid steer to work faster. There is also greater comfort for the operator, which reduces driver fatigue.

The MICHELIN® X® TWEEL® SSL Hard Surface, designed for a wide range of surfaces, offers exceptionally strong wear life. It is consistently more than twice that of the pneumatic tire at equal tread depth. Furthermore, the energy transfer within the poly-resin spokes is uniquely able to decrease the bouncing that comes with pneumatic tires. These tires are designed perfectly for use on skid steer loaders.

When it comes to choosing the perfect tire, seeing is believing. Click to see a diagram of MICHELIN® X Tweel SSL, and check out the design and performance of these tires by watching this video.

We also carry tire which has up to 12% greater traction than the closest competitor. It is also extremely durable and has a reinforced crown, robust shoulders, and side walls protected by steel casing ply. The Michelin Power CL is another great tire for the toughest applications. The Michelin Power CL is impact and puncture resistant, while providing maximum stability.

If you’re using a skid steer loader, MICHELIN® has the tires for you and Bauer Built has the best deal on the market. Let us help you select the most reliable and longest lasting tires to fit your needs. Across the Midwest, truckers, farmers, and others rely on Bauer Built for quality commercial truck tires and retreads, new and reconditioned wheels, agricultural and passenger vehicles, and light trucks. We take pride in providing you with a service and product you can rely on.

Save time with cost-effective solutions and top-notch customer service from Bauer Built Tires. Check out our latest promotion on MICHELIN® Bibsteel All-Terrain, Power CL and X-Tweel solutions today.

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