Retorquing Lug Nuts After You’ve Had Your Tires Replaced or Removed Is Crucial

Lug nuts keep a wheel securely attached to the hub—which means they are an extremely important component of a vehicle. However, lug nuts can only do their job correctly if a tire technician applies the proper amount of torque to them after tires are replaced or removed. Here are some general tips on torquing and retorquing:

  • Torque is the amount of force someone applies to a lug nut when they’re tightening it. It is generally listed as a measurement known as pound-feet.
  • If lug nuts are improperly tightened, they can cause serious problems, including distorting the stud, damaging brakes, and losing a wheel.
  • Lug nuts must be torqued to the manufacturer’s recommended values, and they must be re-torqued to those values after driving approximately 50 to 100 miles on your new tires after the tire service.
  • Both under and over tightening can be dangerous. Different vehicles require different amounts of torque in order to properly tighten their lug nuts without causing any damage.
  • To tighten lug nuts correctly, a torque wrench is required. The torque wrench should be set to half of the required torque at first, and the lug nuts should be tightened using this setting. When all of the lug nuts are tightened, the vehicle should be lowered completely, and the lug nuts can then be tightened to the specified torque.
  • Every driver should know the proper amount of torque for their specific vehicle—it’s listed in your owner’s manual.
  • Ensure the lug nuts are checked often to keep them at this measurement. The lug nuts on a wheel must be tightened in a specific order to provide the proper torque. A wheel with five or ten lug nuts is tightened in a star-shaped pattern, while one with only four lug nuts makes an X shape.

At Bauer Built Tire, we are committed to the safety of our customers and the longevity of their tires. That’s why we believe so strongly in selling the best tires on the planet, and educating the driving public consumers on how to properly maintain them. To learn more or to have your lug nuts retorqued, visit a Bauer Built near you today.

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