How Tracking Software Is Changing Commercial Fleet Maintenance

Comprehensive, digital fleet maintenance software continues to take the commercial trucking industry by storm. New software programs allow fleet managers to track, monitor and analyze the condition of their commercial vehicles from anywhere.

That technology also helps drivers adhere to safety regulations, catch mechanical problems and avoid costly downtime.

Fleet Analytics

Digital technology has made it easier than ever to gather data on a commercial vehicle’s electrical and mechanical systems. Performance tracking software provides a snapshot of the inner workings of a commercial fleet in real-time.

Another growing trend is using technology to implement preventative maintenance schedules. With easy access to your fleet reports, you’ll be able to take care of minor issues and repairs before they become more problematic.

Using tracking software helps fleet managers optimize vehicle performance and make the most of their budget. Knowing how your commercial vehicles perform allows you to see where you need to allocate your funds to make improvements.

Remote Communication Technology

With tracking software, drivers can quickly send digital analyses and updates to a centralized system, so fleet managers can track multiple vehicles at once. That technology can monitor an asset’s location and allow managers to communicate with drivers in the field.

Remote communication is also efficient , which is essential during a breakdown. Fleet managers can help drivers troubleshoot mechanical and electrical malfunctions or help them find a nearby repair shop. That’s especially helpful for new drivers.

The Bauer Built Tire & Service technicians are committed to helping you optimize your fleet maintenance program so you can keep your commercial trucks on the road. Contact us online or find a location near you to learn more about our service options.

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