How Farm Tires Compact Soil

Soil contains pores that are filled with water and air. When heavy equipment rolls over a field, the pressure compresses the pores. Soil becomes dry and lacks nutrients resulting in lost crop yield and erosion if you’re not focused on the impact tires have on your fields.

You need the right tires to bring in your harvest since 80-85% of compaction occurs during the equipment’s first pass through the fields. Compacted soil must be reworked prior to planting season costing time and money to the farmer.

Keep Ag Tires Inflated To Avoid Soil Compaction

Soil compaction is a serious threat to your fall harvest and, eventually, spring planting. Ensure your ag equipment tires are properly inflated to avoid further compaction.

Inflate Agriculture Tires

Reduce compaction by ensuring your tires are properly inflated every time you go into the field. Tire pressure will need to be adjusted depending on the application. For example, tires will require high pressure while transporting a heavier load, and vice versa for lighter operations.

Wider, larger volume tires at a lower inflation help avoid compaction. You’ll increase the tire to ground contact and reduce the amount of pressure transferred into the soil.

Radial tires are also a better option to avoid soil compression. The treads in radial tires improve traction, so you don’ have to worry about your tires slipping and grinding into the soil. These tires also carry heavier loads at lower inflation, thus creating a wider footprint.

Lighten The Load On Axles

Typically, each axle carriers less than 10 tons, which only affects the top 6-10 inches of soil. Each manufacturer has a load table for specific applications. You’ll need to weigh your equipment with their attachments to determine which tires will best support your axle weight.

Decreasing the overall weight on your axles will save your tires and your crops. It may not be as efficient to run several small loads out of the field, but lighter equipment will save you trouble in the long run.

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