For Owners of RV’s, Bauer Built’s Roadside Service Keep Summer Fun

Summer is upon us once again, and that means we are about to roll into vacation season. Everyone has more time off, the weather is nicer, and a lot more people are opting for the great American tradition of going on a road trip. And many will hit the road in the luxury of an RV. As fun as these trips can be for families and friends, it’s important for drivers to be prepared for the worst possible outcomes before they head out on the road. For RV owners, preparation involves understanding the specific service needs of large vehicles. A roadside flat in a conventional vehicle is bad enough; changing a flat on a larger RV is a whole different challenge.

Millions of people take vacations every summer, and with the rising prices of airfares, a lot of people are turning back to the good old-fashioned road trip to get to their ultimate destination. Large RV’s provide families a second home on wheels. Now imagine a home gets a flat tire. Luckily, Bauer Built provides owners of large RV’s a 24/7 service designed to provide expert assistance in the event of roadside tire problems.

Take David from Iowa, for example. David has decided to take his family of four across the Midwest to see the Grand Canyon. The family’s relaxing at the dining table, insulated from the hot summer air by tinted windows and the cool blast of the air conditioner. Smooth sailing. Suddenly, a loud pop breaks the silence. David feels a slight tug from the steering wheel. Instinctively, he checks the mirrors and makes his way safely to the side of the road. The RV rolls to the shoulder, punctuated by the awkward thumping of broken tread. The flat feels like a rude awakening from a happy dream. David brings the RV to a stop and pulls the emergency brake tight. He opens the door and steps down into summer heat and the smell of asphalt. Yep, that tire’s busted. The kids moan—“ahh man!”

Now, when you drive an RV, a flat tire can mean a sudden wave of “Great, what do we do now!??”

Luckily, Bauer Built has an answer. With locations across the Midwest, Bauer Built’s Emergency Roadside Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Experts in large vehicle tires, Bauer Built has all the resources necessary to accommodate the emergency maintenance needs of large RV’s.

And, if you’re located within 25 miles, Bauer Built’s EMS can typically have you back on the road within two hours. Problem solved. Now back to the road!

While summertime is a great time for family vacations, it can also be a dangerous time to be on the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, August is the most dangerous on the road. More teens means an increase in less-experienced drivers who are more likely to cause accidents. Vacationing drivers also add to road congestion, as many drivers are unfamiliar with the roads. All of these factors, along with more bicycles, more motorcycles, heavier construction, and heat-induced tire blowouts all mean heightened risk of roadside hazards. For owners of large RV’s, answering these challenges requires specific expertise. And emergency services designed around the needs of conventional vehicles cannot provide the same level of support.

When you take your large RV on the road this summer, make sure to make Bauer Built a part of your emergency preparation plans.

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