Commercial Retread Tires: The Bauer Built Difference

Not all retread tires are created equal. At Bauer Built, we specialize in producing high-quality commercial retread tires for fleets. Our retread plants are part of Michelin’s service network, a certified group of retread dealers committed to excellence in production and customer service.

The Advantages of Using Commercial Retread Tires

According to the Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB), about 90% of fleets with 1,000 or more vehicles use retread tires. They’re suitable for medium and heavy-duty fleets, such as buses, private and municipal waste transport vehicles, food and beverage haulers, package delivery trucks and long-haul carriers.

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Retreading extends the life of your tire casings, reduces the cost of ownership and improves your return on investment.

Other operational advantages of retread tires include:

  • Enhanced fuel efficiency
  • Reduced heat build-up
  • Improved tire performance
  • Lower risk of fleet downtime
  • Reliable and consistent product delivery

Commercial retreads can also reduce a fleet’s environmental impact. Retreading one premium tire twice saves enough energy to power 29,000 homes for an hour.

Compared to producing new tires, the retreading process reduces:

  • Carbon dioxide emissions by 24%
  • Natural resource extraction by 70%
  • Water consumption by 19%
  • Air pollution by 21%
  • Land use by 29%

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What Makes Bauer Built Retreads Different?

Quality control is our top priority at our commercial retread plants. Each Bauer Built facility conducts monthly self-audits and welcomes independent reviews, and our retread technicians must complete regular certifications.

Because we’re a part of Michelin’s retread network, we also meet mandatory equipment update requirements to provide your fleet with reliable retread tires. Our retread process uses cooled buffer casings, one-step tread builders and curing chambers with consistent temperatures for optimal adhesion.

You’ll also receive a customer summary report that includes a complete service profile and casing analyses, so you know how your driving affects your tires. Bauer Built offers the Michelin MRT warranty for all casings. You can redeem that warranty at any Michelin dealer in North America, so you’ll have access to consistent and reliable retread service wherever your route takes you.

Find a Bauer Built location near you and schedule your retread service.

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