Beat The Heat With These Summer Care Tips

Like freezing temperatures, extreme heat can put your vehicle through the wringer. Find out how summertime can affect your vehicle and what you can do to protect it.


Maintaining tire pressure is a good idea any time of year, especially in the summer. Under-inflation will cause tires to overheat. However, tires are also likely to over-inflate in the summer because heat causes air to expand and tire walls to bulge.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommended air pressure posted on the placard inside on the driver’s door panel. Then as temperatures change, recheck air pressure levels.


Heat can alter the chemical reactions in your car battery. It also causes battery fluid to evaporate faster, which puts your battery at risk for corrosion.

Your battery may not be able to hold a sufficient charge because of the increased load from air conditioning. Get a voltage meter to check your battery output, especially if the battery is over three years old.


High temperatures thin engine oil, which means the engine isn’t being thoroughly lubricated. The moving parts of an engine are at risk for friction and damage without proper oil supply. Get your oil changed regularly and top it off between services.


Your engine will run hotter in the summer. It requires proper coolant levels to avoid overheating and engine failure. This is more common when driving at slower speeds since less air is circulating through the engine. You may also want to invest in a coolant that has boil protection.

Summer driving will be a breeze thanks to Bauer Built Tire & Service. We offer maintenance and tire services that will keep you rolling safely on the road. Contact us for more information.

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