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Bauer Built Tire & Service was founded in the Midwest, so we understand the importance of agriculture to the American economy.

You need an agricultural and industrial tire supplier who works as hard as you do from farm to table. Bauer Built is your source for agricultural tires, industrial tires, and OTR tires, from tractors and end-loaders to skid steers and log trucks.


The wrong tires damage your fields and reduce your fuel economy and productivity. An agricultural environment requires aggressive tread patterns for excellent traction on common soil conditions. Wet soil will demand premium tread patterns with deeper lugs.

Extremely wet farming conditions with a high water table, like rice paddies or sugar cane fields, will need even deeper lugs to direct water out of the treads and navigate flooding.

Industrial tires are needed for applications in airports, cemeteries and roadside maintenance. Construction or light industrial equipment on hard surfaces requires a shallower tread to maximize efficiency.


There are four types of tractor tires:

R1 tires: These tires are commonly referred to as agricultural or ag tires. They’re standard tractor tires for farms because their large treads have deep lugs that provide ample traction. R1 ag tires have a narrower base to focus the combined weight of the tires and tractor, so they’re perfect for hauling and pushing field equipment.

R2: This type of tractor tire is similar to an R1 ag tire, but they have deeper treads that help them rotate in wet fields and standing water. R2 ag tires have a unique design that makes them extremely durable. They’re perfect for churning up wet environments but less suitable for general agricultural applications because they’re prone to tearing up sod and soil.

R3: These agricultural tires are commonly known as turf tires. R3 ag tires have a less aggressive tread pattern than R1 and R2 agricultural tires, making them better suited to residential property applications. R3s are wider, so they can easily distribute the weight of a tractor or other machinery without ripping up lawns or gouging soil. However, their tighter lugs mean they aren’t conducive to operating in wet environments.

R4: If you need industrial tires, then R4 tractor tires are for you. R4 tires are intended for use on hard surfaces, including cement, asphalt, gravel and stone. Their tread depth is shallower than R1 tires but deeper than R3 tires, making them perfect for hauling and transporting heavy loads. Industrial tires are built to last and support excess weight in applications that require a forklift or front-end loader.


What works in a warehouse most likely won’t work in the fields, so weigh your options. Bias tires have plies of zigzag patterned rubber, so the cords run diagonally across the tread. Radial tire chords are parallel, and the plies run perpendicular to the tire bead.

Bias tires:

Radial tires:


We carry the following agriculture and industrial tires for sale:

You can’t afford to compromise when you’re purchasing tires for farm equipment, industrial vehicles or off-the-road machinery. Choose a tire supplier who can get your farm and business ready to tackle any challenges. Contact your nearest Bauer Built location today.