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Wheel Reconditioning

You rely on your wheels, and they rely on us.

Get the most from your wheels and rims through professional reconditioning. Our experts use a steel shot blasting process ensures easy detection of cracks or other defects that may indicate end of life. Upon application of a professional finish, tires are easier to mount and dismount — plus, air retention improves and bead damage is minimized. The refinished wheels and rims sport a “like-new” appearance, longer life span and easier maintenance.

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When to Recondition a Wheel or Rim

Rust and buildup can cause issues with wheel and rim performance. IMI offers the following guidelines to determine when to recondition:

  • When build-up, rust, rubber or debris is present at the bead seat
  • When rust is present between the bead seat areas of the wheel or rim
  • When rust is present on the inside or outside of the bolt hole area of the wheel
  • When over 20% of the surface exhibits visible rust
  • When dry paint thickness exceeds 3 mils on the inside or outside of the bolt hole pattern of the wheel

Ensure your compliance with OSHA’s truck wheel and rim cleaning service regulations.

Contact Bauer Built for all of your wheel and rim reconditioning needs. To learn more about our wheel reconditioning process, please click here.