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Petroleum Division

What goes in your vehicle determines the performance you get out of it. Bauer Built Oil has been selling and delivering quality fuel and lubricants for more than 70 years. We can provide the service, products and pricing to assist you in your daily operations and to keep your costs to a minimum. We stock products from the best lubricant manufacturers.

Product Availability

  • Regular No Lead Gas (87 octane)
  • Ethanol 10% (87 octane)
  • Premium No Lead Gas (91 octane)
  • Heating Oil
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Hartland Lubricants
  • Tanks and Pumps

If you are looking for quality service, we’re focused on providing the following to you:

  • Two Delivery Trucks
  • Delivery Available 24/7 in Localized Geographic Area Around Durand, WI
  • In-Field Deliveries to Equipment
  • Emergency / After-Hours Delivery
  • Satellite Tank Monitoring
  • Temporary Tank & Pump Set-ups

When you need our assistance or would like more information, please use our contact us page.