Tips for Choosing High-Quality Tractor Tires

Selecting and purchasing high-quality tractor tires is not as simple as it seems. You have to consider quality, price, and accessibility. Also, with several options on the market, deciding which ones to buy can be confusing. Tractor tires can be quite pricey — and you would not want your money to go down the drain after purchasing tires that don’t work for you.

While there are no hard-and-fast rules for choosing tractor tires, being more informed will help you make a better decision. Keep reading for 5 tips that can help you purchase high-quality tractor tires:

1. Identify Its Purpose

There are a variety of uses for tractors, and the type of tires you buy will depend on what you use your tractor for. Identifying your tractor’s purpose is the first step in buying tires that will function well.

To guide you, here are the three types of tractor tires used for various purposes:

Tires for Turf Tractors

This kind of tractor tire is utilized for lawnmowers and golf carts. They have the lowest traction among all types of tractor tires.

Agricultural Tractor Tires

These are mainly used for fieldwork because they are equipped with high traction and can tread on many different types of fields and surfaces.

Tires for Industrial Tractors

Industrial tractor tires are made for forklifts and other construction equipment. They are meant to perform more efficiently on gravel, asphalt, and concrete roads, and are designed for dry environments.

Considering the purpose of your tractor will guide you as you make your decision about purchasing tires.

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2. Consider Ground Compaction

Soil or ground compaction is the decrease in soil quality brought about by the tracks of heavy machinery and the balance between the elements of the soil.

In order to avoid ground compaction, it is important to keep your tire pressure is as low as possible. Considering this will also allow you to prevent wear and tear on your tractor tires. Keeping a tire inflation system in place is an excellent idea for optimizing the pressure of your tractor tires for any surface.

3. Compare Traction

Tires that easily slip and slide are dangerous. For optimal safety, find tires that are equipped with reliable tread bars. High-quality tread bars consist of enough grip and improved surface contact that allow for a safe and smooth movement. Ask your manufacturer about the specifics of the tires, especially their traction.

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4. Test Bead Durability

A tire bead holds a vehicle’s tire to the wheel’s outer edge. They are typically wound to a rubber band and are either made of brass, copper, and bronze. Tire beads prevent the tires from falling off while the vehicle is on the road.

In choosing a tractor tire, you have to ensure the durability of the tire beads.

5. Check Service

Finally, it is important to check the reliability of your tractor tire provider. Ask them questions about the quality and durability of their tires. Check for feedback and reviews on how they deal with their customers.

You can’t afford to compromise when you’re purchasing tires for farm equipment, industrial vehicles or off-the-road machinery. Choose a tire supplier who can get your farm and business ready to tackle any challenges. Contact your nearest Bauer Built location today.

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