Need to Store Your Tires? Here’s What to Do

If you switch your tires with the seasons, it’s essential to store them properly. Storing off-season tires protects them from dust, humidity, sunlight, moisture and other factors that shorten their service life. These tips will help you maintain your tires and improve their longevity.

Preparing Your Tires for Storage

Check for damage: Watch out for uneven wear, low tread, cracks and punctures. Remove any rocks and debris lodged in the tire tread.

Clean your tires: Grime, grease and brake dust compromise tire rubber, so after removing your tires, scrub them with a tire brush and soap and water before storing them. You’ll also need to wash your wheels if you keep them with the tires to prevent rust and corrosion.

Don’t add tire dressings: There’s no need to add a dressing or gloss before putting your tires in storage.

Bag tires for storage: Yard and leaf bags are perfect for storing tires. Make sure there’s no moisture in the bag, then use tape to seal each bag as tightly as possible. You can use a vacuum to remove air from the bag.

Find the Right Storage Space

The ideal tire storage location will be cool, dry and climate-controlled. Keeping tires out of direct sunlight and heat will protect the rubber from drying and cracking. And while tires should be covered, the space should have airflow to prevent humidity and moisture buildup.

Your tires will also need to be shielded from ozone-emitting machinery and equipment such as:

  • Generators
  • Compressors
  • Furnaces
  • Sump pumps
  • Central vacuums

Store tires on a piece of wood or a pallet to keep them away from moisture and chemicals that may be on the floor. If you store tires outdoors, it should only be for a short time, and they’ll need to be covered and elevated.

Storing Tires with and without Rims

You can store tires in one of three ways: standing, hanging or stacked. How you position your tires depends on whether you plan on storing them with their wheels or rims.

Storing with rims: It’s best to stack or hang tires with rims. You should never hang unmounted tires because it will distort the shape of the rubber.

Storing without rims: Standing unmounted tires protects them from being warped by excess pressure. You can stack tires but should avoid piling them too high to prevent tipping and damage.

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