Beware of Corrosive Damage to Your Fleet

Corrosion on your commercial fleet means the difference between successful transport and costly downtime. Untreated corrosion can compromise a fleet’s function and the safety of its drivers. Let Bauer Built Tire & Service maintain your vehicles with our fleet mechanical services. We’ll guarantee it will save you time and money in the long run.

Environmental Factors

Exposure to wet conditions puts your fleet at risk for corrosion, compromising function and the safety of your drivers. Water, roadway chemicals, and salt seep into the crevices of your fleet’s vehicles and eventually create moisture-induced corrosion.


Corrosion is more difficult to spot than rust, and once it spreads, it can damage your brake pads and discs. Metal becomes warped with corrosion and can begin to crack, causing the brakes to fail.

Heavy breaking typically clears off light corrosion, but for extensive repairs, Bauer Built has got you covered. We can repair or replace brake shoes, bushing, and air brake systems to get your fleet back on the road.

Wheels and Tires

If you’re running your fleet through a moderate environment, check the wheel ends every couple of months. We recommend monthly checks to protect your wheels and tires from corroding and damaging the tire bead.

The motion between the wheel and tire causes abrasions if corrosion is present which can lead to slow air leaks in the tire. A blistering effect in the wheel’s finish often signals corrosion. With our knowledge of wheel-end work, we can repair the corroded areas like seals and bearings and refinish wheels.


Your best bet to protect your fleet from corrosion is to be proactive. Corrosion spreads no matter where it starts. If corrosion wears on steering and suspension, it increases the chance of a systematic failure.

Contact Bauer Built to learn more about how we will keep your fleet at peak performance with our quality tires and services. Bauer Built offers mechanical services to repair and to replace vehicles steering and suspension impacted from corrosion. Our staff is committed to servicing your needs so you never have to worry about downtime.

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