Bauer Built Presents: Tire Safety Week

Life is full of underappreciated heroes, the unsung heroes who do their job day in and day out. These are the people, processes, and products that make our modern lives possible. One of these overlooked stars is tires.

They are responsible for getting you to and from destinations as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Tires affect more than just mobility though, they are directly related to the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and, most important of all, safety.

National Tire Safety Week takes place May 29th through June 4th this year and it is dedicated to reminding consumers about the importance of properly taking care of their tires. Bauer Built Inc. is one of the largest commercial tire dealers and retread manufacturers in the United States and they understand the importance of tire safety. Bauer Built is proud to support National Tire Safety Week and to help raise awareness about proper tire care and tire safety and will be providing free 4-point tire safety checks at all locations.

Every single vehicle on the road, from commuter cars to freight trucks, depend on tires to get them to where they’re going. Tires literally support the transportation industry and, in many ways, our entire economy. Ironically, many car owners pay little to no attention to their vehicle’s tires.

It’s not out of character for the average car owner to neglect tire maintenance and care until it’s too late. It only takes one rainy day for these drivers to find themselves skidding into the back of another car due to worn tire tread. This is just a minor example of the dangers of tire negligence.

Luckily, tire care is fairly simple. There are four major components of tire care; pressure, rotation, alignment, and tread. Under inflation of tires can cause unnecessary stress, irregular wear, and accidents. An underinflated tire won’t always appear to be low at first glance which is why tire pressure should be checked regularly and kept to pressure standards, which can be found on the label inside the driver’s side door frame. Tire rotation is important to keep tread even and alignment should be checked periodically to make sure no undue or irregular stress is added to your tires. Tread should be checked regularly be for advanced and unusual wear that could affect the performance of your tires. Look for any uneven or especially smooth areas, and damage like tears or nails. The steps to tire maintenance and safety are simple and fast but can help to avoid costly repairs and, at worst, accidents.

You don’t have to be a car expert or enthusiast to keep your tires running properly. Tire maintenance is simple and in some cases even free. All it takes is a few minutes out of your week. You can always educate yourself further and learn how to care for your exact tires by referencing your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

By keeping an eye on the health of their tread and making sure that pressure and alignment are kept accurate and even, you’ll extend the life of your tires and the health of your wallet. To stay safe, be smart and check your tires.

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