Bauer Built Launches New VIS Polish Service

Bauer Built Tire & Service, one of the country’s largest commercial tire distributors and retread manufacturers, announced the launch of their new service offering: the VIS Polisher. The VIS Polish is an automatic wheel rim polishing system that restores the mirror-like shine to aluminum bus and truck wheel rims. In addition, it will swiftly refurbish road-worn wheels to disclose any concealed damage, including cracks around the lug holes, which can be hazardous to the integrity of rims.

“Partnering with VIS Polish is a great way for Bauer Built to bring additional value to our customers. Having an in-house automated aluminum polishing solution ensures that we provide the highest quality products in the shortest amount of time,” commented Scott Kusilek, Bauer Built VP of Manufacturing.

On the road, aluminum wheels are subjected to various hazards that can cause damage, such as temperature swings, brake dust, road grime, curbs, potholes, and more. The good news is that wheel rims can be fully cleaned and restored to their original factory condition by following a few simple steps.

During a carefully controlled buffing cycle, the VIS Polish reveals minute cracks between the vent holes. To restore a wheel’s dazzling, long-lasting shine and protect it from further curb damage, Bauer Built’s simple 45-minute process involves sanding, dressing the bead surfaces, inspecting the wheel for damage, and cutting and polishing the rim. By reducing the amount of manual work required, this service reduces polishing costs while simultaneously increasing business profitability.

Benefits to End Users

The advantages of the Bauer Built VIS Polish service include:

  • Reduced maintenance expenses:  Because wheels will maintain their brand-new appearance thanks to the VIS Polisher, customers won’t need to buy new ones as frequently. This will safeguard their investment and result in cost savings down the road.
  • Results that last longer: With the VIS Polisher, you can get a mirror-like finish on your wheels while simultaneously cleaning and polishing them. This will extend their lifespan and maintain their pristine condition for many years.
  • Enhance the appearance of your wheels: Aluminum vehicle wheels can be restored to their original brilliance and shine with the help of this service. In addition, the finish will be shielded from future deterioration.

With Bauer Built’s VIS Polisher, a few easy steps can make bus and truck wheels look new. Wheels will have an enhanced appearance and be shielded from the adverse effects of the elements. Due to the totally automated nature of the Bauer Built system, customers can rest assured that it can take care of everything. It’s also easy on the wheels, so there’s no need to be concerned about damage.

When it comes to maintaining shiny, clean aluminum wheels, nothing beats the VIS Polisher. Bauer Built is pleased to provide clients with this high-quality service.

About Bauer Built Tire & Service

Bauer Built Tire & Service is a leading supplier of new and retread tires for industrial, fleet, agricultural, and commercial applications. We offer retail tire and mechanical services, such as alignment, general repairs, commercial mechanical repairs, and brake and wheel-end work for both trucks and cars. Customers can count on this family-run business to deliver high-quality services and products from well-known manufacturers.

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