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Bauer Built Stock Retreads Serve Small Fleets

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Bauer Built Stock Retreads Serve Small Fleets

When it comes to transportation operations, tires are the third largest expense in fleet management. Thus, maximizing the value of each tire asset is crucial in today’s competitive business environment. But for smaller fleets, tire replacement can be a costly and time-consuming process and comes down to buy a new replacement tire or to buy a stock retreaded tire from a reliable source.

Large Fleet Tire Replacement Process

In a large fleet, availability of additional tire stock permits these businesses to cap their own casings. As tread wears, tire assets are strategically moved from steer to drive and then from drive to trailer. When the decision to retread is made, existing inventory can be used as an immediate replacement. Once the worn tire has been retreaded, it can then be rotated back into their stock. This ecofriendly retread process eliminates idle waiting time while avoiding the costly purchase of a new tire.

Small Fleet Tire Retread Challenges

What works for large fleets tire management strategy isn’t necessarily a viable solution for smaller fleets, however. While larger fleets typically have an inventory of owned tires that can be interchanged as worn tires are retreaded, smaller fleets may not have this surplus available to them. When tires are removed for retreading, vehicles sit idle—wait time that is costly to their operations. By implementing a stock retread replacement tire program with Bauer Built, downtime and expense for these smaller businesses can be dramatically reduced.

Bauer Built Tire Replacement Program

Bauer Built understands both the pressures of time and cost smaller fleets face when it comes to recapping and retreading tires. “With our tire replacement program, small fleets can select the same tread from the Bauer Built retread stock, and have a completed tire delivered right away,” said Scott Kusilek, Director of Manufacturing at Bauer Built. “Our comprehensive inspections combined with enhanced Michelin Retread Technologies (MRT) ensures that our tire retreads have undergone strict, quality-controlled processes to deliver increased casing life, fuel efficiency and improved asset accountability for small and large fleets.”

Bauer Built Values Small Fleet Operations

Since 1954, Bauer Built has gone the extra mile to build a reputation for superior retread services, earning us the undisputed status as the industry leader in commercial truck retread tires. Operating seven separate state-of-the-art MICHELIN® Pre-Mold Retread plants and offering a Michelin® MRT Warranty covering customer and stock casings redeemable at any Michelin® Dealer in North America, Bauer Built guarantees the highest quality retread possible.

Learn more about Bauer Built’s reliable commercial retread tires that keep small fleets moving smoothly and efficiently here!

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